Director of Risk Advisory - Henderson Harbor Group

Director of Risk Advisory

LOCATION New York City
LISTING POSTED 27 February 2019
CATEGORY Filled Jobs
JOB TYPE Direct-Hire
COMPENSATION $150,000- $180,000

The Director of Risk Advisory will be responsible for the following:

  • Reviewing and assessing current firm-wide policies and procedures concerning technical and ethical quality controls fundamental    to the performance of  the companies professional engagements
  • Identifying and implementing appropriate processes to continually measure compliance with established quality controls
  • On an on-going basis, ensure that all policies and procedures are followed to the highest professional standards

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist business unit leaders and firm-wide senior management in the following quality-related activities:
  • Identify, assess and institute steps, where necessary, to minimize risks associated with the quality of its work product
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures designed to ensure consistent presentation and delivery of work product, in compliance with its guidelines as well as those of its clients
  • Provide guidance and expertise on a broad range of engagement management matters such as, for example, timeliness of work product deliverables and client service efficiencies
  • Provide active assistance with implementing best practices in individual business units in a manner consistent with overall objectives
  • Work closely with business unit quality control professionals to ensure adherence to established policies and procedures. These matters will include operational controls relating to the provision of its professional service.
  • Design, implement and supervise the conduct of at least bi-annual, internally-staffed “peer reviews” within each business unit. Such     reviews will include, at a minimum, high-level testing designed to ensure compliance with established quality control policies and procedures. Other matters to be considered could include a) overall practice management, b) staff retention and development, c) effectiveness of strategic business development initiatives, and d) achievement of benchmarked operating efficiencies

Skills and Educational Requirements

  • 15+ years experience in providing professional services relating to quality control matters
  • CPA certificate is a must
  • Proven experience with evaluation of best practices in a professional services organization
  • Proven ability to identify and assess internal and external risk factors impacting professional service firms

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Dan Conroy

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