Financial Reporting Analyst – Henderson Harbor Group

Financial Reporting Analyst

LOCATION New York City
LISTING POSTED 20 February 2019
CATEGORY Filled Jobs
JOB TYPE Direct-Hire
COMPENSATION $90,000- $100,000

A mid-sized privately held workers compensation medical billing company located in Parsippany, NJ is looking for a senior level Financial Report Analyst/Programmer. The candidate will report to the VP of Financial Analysis.

The main role of the candidate will be to develop ad-hoc reports for members of the Finance group. These reports will be generated by running SQL queries against the reporting and production Oracle databases. Reports that end up being used frequently will be put into a home grown .net reporting package that can be used by end users. The types of reports expected will range from simple referral counts from a single table to ones that are much more complicated and involve merging data from various tables and source databases. Other requests will include taking an existing Excel spreadsheet and augmenting it with data from the production databases. In most cases report requests will be expected to be turned around within the same day.

The position requires strong communication and analytical skills. The candidate will be expected to quickly learn the business and its processes as they will be expected to take a report request and build it with little to no direction of how to do it. There will be no formal business requirements or technical specifications provided with report requests. At best the request may be in an email.

The candidate may also be required to build simple reporting applications in .net or MS Access.


The candidate must be proficient in:

  • Communicating with users to clarify requirements
  • Analytical skills and understanding business processes
  • Running SQL queries in SQL navigator, toad or similar
  • Writing  applications in .net
  • Writing reports and applications in MS Access
  • Excel analytical tools like vlookup and pivot tables
  • Oracle and MS SQL concepts (as both databases are used)
  • Microsoft Windows, MS Office and other similar applications
  • Using a computer

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