Senior Systems Analyst – Henderson Harbor Group

Senior Systems Analyst

LOCATION New York City
LISTING POSTED 20 February 2019
CATEGORY Filled Jobs
JOB TYPE Direct-Hire
COMPENSATION $80,000- $60,000

Individual is responsible and accountable for gathering, developing, and analysis of business requirements.  Duties also consist of designing and writing system specifications to handle computer solutions in all areas of OCM business. Individual is also responsible and expected to play a lead role in the project management of enhancement and projects. Project analysis and design solutions are expected to produce improvements in revenue demonstrated by production efficiencies, ease of use by customers and maintainable by Information Systems staff, as well as producing a competitive advantage in the market place for OCM. A plus would also be the ability to code and lead code reviews across the IT department and shadow IT developers. Individual must have the ability to manage several projects at a given time. Individual must demonstrate the ability to works under minimum supervision while maintaining OCM guidelines, standards, and best practices. Person must demonstrate the ability to analyze manual operations and recommend computer solutions using the appropriate and fiscally prudent latest technology.



  • Prepares system diagrams using Information Technology techniques. Writes program specifications for internal or external programmers using detail requirements and internal design standards in accordance with system development methodologies.
  • Estimates all timings for completion of projects including but not limited program specifications, programming time for each individual, unit testing time, quality control time, user acceptance testing.
  • Works with management in the organization to plan the project and offer solutions that satisfy all business requirements. Works with Business analysts in the gathering of business specifications for any project to deliver a suitable solution.
  • Capable of managing large projects using leadership and standard project managing techniques used in the industry.
  • Assists programmers or analysts in performing IT methodologies and resolution techniques and approaches to reach simple solutions that can be maintained by any programmer.
  • Prepares and directs programmers in preparing comprehensive test data to verify that all programs function properly.
  • Tests and verifies with quality control group that all data used for testing is available and appropriate for the project testing.
  • Keeps Information Technology Management informed of achievements, project status, etc.
  • Ensures compliance with all standards and procedures as set forth in the Information Technology department including SAS 70 and all other requirements dictated by internal or external auditors.
  • Prepares Systems documentation and detail documentation of program functions, I/O records, databases, description of files, user guides, operating documentation, etc.
  • Manages systems responsibility by making sure computer systems housekeeping methods, systems re-indexing, archival, restoration, security and back-up methods are performed by responsible staff to protect the information of the organization.
  • Communicates with users on a frequent basis to clarify and ensure the mutual understanding and agreement on project requirements.
  • Attends meetings in the organization to keep informed of changes in business or units operating procedures.
  • Read professional journals or magazines, both on-line and paper form, and attends courses and workshops to keep abreast of technical developments in information technology or applications running at One Call Medical.
  • Meets with OCM clients and participates in special task forces and ad-hoc committees to explore cost savings methods, review new corporate requirements and business needs.
  • Direct the gathering and organizing of information and makes presentations to management, as required.
  • Performs related duties as required by IT Management.


  • Bachelor of Sciences in Information Technology preferred or BS in Mathematics or related Sciences with a minor in business or Finance. A Master in Information Technology or Finance a plus.
  • Several years programming experience in high level languages such as Visual Basic, Java, PL, SQL, etc

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