VP of Derivative Accounting – Henderson Harbor Group

VP of Derivative Accounting

LISTING POSTED 09 April 2019
CATEGORY Filled Jobs
JOB TYPE Direct-Hire
COMPENSATION $150,000- $160,000

Our client is a large insurance/financial services company that has seen tremendous growth with the expansion of their business. They are looking for a VP of Derivative Accounting who has broad knowledge of derivatives products and accounting technical skills across multiple accounting bases (GAAP, US Statuatory). The candidate will be responsible for handling all aspects of our accounting and reporting services and meeting needs and evolving priorities of our clients, as they relate to derivatives.

Salary: Up to $160k


  • Support business growth, implementation of new clients, and client retention
  • Lead and develop derivative investment reporting for clients and prospects
  • Provide expert support to clients on derivatives-related matters
  • Communicate implications of evolving regulatory landscape and new accounting pronouncements to be compliant by our insurance companies across accounting (IFRS, US Statuatory, US GAAP, etc.)
  • Contribute to the continuous development of investment reporting, and control processes to optimize efficiency
  • Subject matter authority for all derivative types as it relates to setup and processing in compliance with accounting guidelines


  • CPA, ACA, CIMA, or ACCA a plus
  • 8+ years Insurance/Financial Services industry experience
  • Deep understanding of current requirements of accounting standards and regulatory requirements within insurance/financial services sector

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Chris Johnson

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