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This position may not be right for you, but perhaps you know someone in your network? Refer a friend or colleague for this position and you’re eligible for a Referral Bonus.


That’s right, put us in touch with a professional we are not working with and if we successfully place them (they get an offer, start at the position and last their guarantee period – usually 90 – 180 days) with ANY of our clients, once they meet that guarantee period, you will have a $250 AMEX e-gift card delivered to your inbox the day after their guarantee expires.

It’s pretty simple and there is no limit on how many referrals you can submit. Submit 4 friends in the tax, finance/accounting, or technology industry – if we place them all successfully, you just made a cool grand for a few clicks on your computer!


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Welcome to our career portal – let’s Begin!

If you're considering exploring opportunities in other cities, work with us and gain access to an expansive international search network. We partner with The American Association of Finance & Accounting , which has over forty offices in North America that specializes in Finance & Accounting just like us. Whether you’re looking to hire someone or searching for a new opportunity, our affiliates have local knowledge of the talent pool and access to the companies currently hiring.


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